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Ginger Plumer
Where do you live now? Melrose, FL USA
Married? Divorced? Widowed? Life-mated?
To whom and how long? Or are you still single and lovin'it?
Married, Ben Hiley
Homepage or email address:
Any Pets? 2 Black and 1 yellow lab and 1 pug!
Any kids? Tell us about them. Two, my son Ben 34 got married new grand daughter Magnolia coming in Oct. 2018!! Yay!! Bekah Is a registered More…nurse at Shands Gainesville. Still married to love of my life Big Ben!
Yes! Attending Reunion
Where else have you lived?

Jacksonville, Melrose, FL, Cuba, Dallas, TX

What makes you laugh?

My husband.

Is there a story or event from high school that never got told? Time to tell it?

I thought most of our lives were an open book! LOL

Still have family around?

My older sister is still kicking!

What did you do right after high school?

Worked for two years in Jax at Hope Haven Children's Hospital and then went to college in G'ville at Santa Flush, I mean Santa Fe. Got BA I. business from JU and me and my son work for the State of FL looking to retire real soon!!

Do you still talk to/see/hang out with any classmates? Who?

Haven't in a while. But stay in touch with a couple of girlfriends.

What past jobs have you had and which ones have you enjoyed the most?

Most memorable - contract specialist for Gov. Clements oil company SEDCO in Dallas.

What do you do now?

Investigator for the State of Florida, Division of Real Estate. Real Estate Broker.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Chill with my family.

Any grandkids? How many?

One in the oven we get to meet her this October! Can’t wait!!

Travel much? Where have you been?

Cuba, Dallas, California, Iowa, East Hampton, NY visiting my mother's family; Washington, Virginia, New Mexico; and all corners or Florida; all over the States.

Where is your favorite place to go?

Any place as long as my family is there.

What are your top 10 places to visit if you could, or if you have?

Germany and Paris

How old do you feel? How young do you feel?

Depends on who I'm with.

What would we be surprised to know about you?

That I am not as goofy as you remember.

What are your favorite memories of Forrest High School?

Debs; football games; friendships.

Favorite Drink?

Pepsi or water

Favorite music? What is the last CD or download you purchased?

Eric Clapton and Adele and old rock and roll music!

Famous or interesting people you have met?

My husband's friends at his Annual Surfers Reunion we go to every April in. Cocoa Beach FL at the pier! Some of his friends in 70s still surf with their kids and grandkids!! So fun to hang at pool bbq and stay ay LaQuenta at the pier! Our kids come to and love hanging with us! Some of them hv a rock band and come and play!!

What are some cool things you have done?

Became a mom and married the man I fell in love with at first sight - Ben!!

Any words of wisdom or quotes to inspire?

Do unto others.....

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Happy birthday Ginger hope you have a wonderful day and many happy returns.

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Happy birthday Ginger hope you have a great day and many happy returns. Stay safe.

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Happy birthday, Ginger and many happy returns.

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