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Reunion Quotes and Misc


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 **** Send me a picture of the car you drove in HS along with any stories  -- I'll post them here ****


While not exactly a car, this got me back and forth to Forrest until I broke my neck in summer school while taking on Richard Harrelson in a game of trampoline horse. I got to spend the rest of my summer in traction and when I got home, mom had sold the motorcycle and I was back on the bus - David Pavey

In 1969 my parents had a big party to celebrate my 18th birthday. After dinner, music and birthday cake my parents excitedly announced that my present was out back in the shade - 

“Something you’ve always wanted- a HORSE! “

With what was later described as a look of total disbelief, confusion and utter disappointment I replied. “A horse??!!?? I wanted a horse when I was 9 or 10. Not NOW! (thinking back on my response, I’m embarrassed and disappointed in myself for my reply)

 I then proceeded to open my other gifts. I wasn’t even interested in even looking out back until my our neighbor along with my boyfriend, David, convinced me I really should go out and take a look at my “new horse.”  When I finally made it our back, perfectly parked under the shade trees was my new horse...a 1967 red mustang convertible with red leather interior and a white rag top!!! 

I named her “Old Nellie” which seemed a suitable name for a reliable old horse! I loved driving Old Nellie to St Augustine beach with my cousin Jeanneand we suffered many sunburns but couldn’t resist the wind in our hair and the sun on our face!

Nellie had one major flaw that only DUCT TAPE  reapplied frequently could fix. The back window/windshield on the rag top was hard plastic with a rubber strip across the middle. My wonderful friend’s son (who shall remain nameless) thought it was really cool that he could feel the wind outside by pushing his fingers then hand through the rubber strip-thereby creating a leak. Of course I was unaware until I heard a loud sloshing noise when I turned a corner after a few days of hard rain. We fondly discussed turning the rag top storage compartment into a fish tank!

Thank goodness duct tank and beach towels kept Old Nellie from smelling like dead fish. She brought us many happy days!


I had a 68 Opel Rallye that we bought new from Green Cove Springs Buick before my senior year to replace my 59 Chevy Nomad big block V8... My mom and Dad's 4-speed 66 Pontiac GTO Martinique Bronze was the drive of choice ; Ron and Rosa can attest to accelerating to 75mph and still in 2nd gear - Pete Douglas

I had a '64 Renault on the left. We used to have as many as 11 people in that car at a time.  Once we were going across the Matthews bridge and there were so many people in the car, 4 people had to get out and walk until we got to the top.  I also had a 66 silver barracuda and a lot of people would remember that car too! - Sandi Harkins

A note to those of you who are hesitant to come for our 50th class reunion: I had a reality check about how things change. I started working for Nemours almost 35 years ago, when it was a children’s hospital no Atlantic Blvd. Recently, one of my patients, a very cute 5 year old boy, asked who’s picture was on my name badge. I said, “ that’s me!” He looked up at me with surprise and said “what happened? You got old????” His mother was mortified. I laughed, hugged him and said “yes, sweetheart, I got old.” To all my fellow Rebels - we have all grown older and hopefully wiser. A few look the same. I certainly don’t look like I did 50 years ago but growing older certainly beats the alternative. Sadly, some of our classmates are no longer with us. There are many out there I haven’t seen since 1969, some I didn’t get to know but wish I had. I enjoy looking at our pictures. I think about many of you and would love the opportunity to reconnect, give you a hand shake or a hug (I’m a hugger). Please join us! - Marie Ferry

My first car a 1949 Plymouth coupe. My dad found this for me and I paid $75.00. Although it didn't look like this. It was painted completely with red house paint. I drove it for a while before Mike Campbell painted it for me. It was fun to go on dates in. Had no heat and seats with springs sticking out.  I remember taking Sharon Nelson once and you should have seen her face. I did finally sell it later for $1000.00. Memories! David Hammerstein

1963 Mercury Meteor – This car is just like the one I drove in high school and what fun we had with that car!!

- Patrice Looby



I drove a 1961 Red Corvair my senior year, which I bought from a guy I was dating for a dollar. He was going to Viet Nam and needed to get rid of it. However, it only lasted for 6 months and then died. So much for my first car. The guy survived thankfully and lives in Ohio - Shirley Watermolen

Roberts Woodard's car -  1967 Chevy impala 409 CI engine and 3 / 2barrel carburetors

Larry Bomar's high school car - 1969 Toyota Corolla when no one knew what a Toyota was. Paid in cash working at the produce market. Car made it through college.

1968 Pontiac Tempest - Jaunita DeLoach

1967 Camaro SS - Jerry Pionessa

Took many a surf safari in the 1967 VW Bus. All up and down the east coast and a trip to the west coast stopping at all the major national parks along the way. Surfed from north of San Fran all the way to Mex boarder. Camped at Cocco Beach Jetty's for the 1st Moon launch with 5 of the prettiest surfer girls you could imagine. No hanky panky other than kissing all of them. I was way too shy to explore other possibilities. A ton of other stories with other classmates to tell. 

I also drove my Dads 68 Datsun pick-up. I still have this old girl. Many years before my Dad passed in 2010, I had let him know all I wanted from his estate was his 68 and his officers naval dress sword. These two possessions of his meant more to me than his monetary wealth. I did a total body off restoration of this truck "all by myself" a few years ago and she might be the nicest one from here to California. Thanks Dad! - Jay Hurst


Loved my Light Aqua (I think it was faded and needed a paint job but I didn't care) Volkswagon Beetle  - I didn't have much experience driving a stick shift but learned on the way home after my father bought me the car.  What freedom! [Editior’s note; There is more to the story ... something about brakes failing but not really!?]    Diane LaSota

I was bequeathed the 1960 Opel my dad brought home from Germany. During ACappela Choir Christmas party, so many people rode in & on the Opel, that it flattened one of the tires. 😢 - Ted Porter

1968 Blue VW Beetle - Kathy, my bride of 48 years, wrecked it leaving campus one day because she didn’t know how to use a stick shift.😂 - Stann McLeod

1961 Mercury Comet.  It ran on either 5 or 6 cylinders depending on the time of the month.  The radio in the car was kaput.  I had a small transistor radio on the dash on the driver's side.  When an unknowing passenger would complain about a particular song being played on WAPE I would invite them to change the station (via the preset buttons) on the car radio and then profess amazement when the same song at the same point in the song was playing on the new station. I would then invite the unsuspecting individual to try yet another station. It usually took a few changes for them to figure out what was happening - Steve Kunkle

1956 Ford Customline Wagon. Great tank to haul surf boards to Access 5!  5500 pounds of Americana - John Rosa


Nearly wrecked this beauty several times...once I drove it into a ditch, and another time I raced a train across the tracks on Main Street. Even so, my sister Becky let me drive it to school a few times! - Nancy Grant Martin


And this is what my sister traded for the Camaro...then sold it to my mother. I took it to John Diehl, (where I worked), to get it tuned up for her birthday. On the way home, I wrecked it. Ran into the back of a guy who stopped in front of me on the on ramp on the expressway... Nancy Grant Martin


This is a picture that looks like my first car. I used to pick up 4 people each morning who needed rides to early morning band practice. Thank goodness nobody played anything larger than a saxophone. I spent so much time transporting people that I even had a sign in the rear window that said "TAXI" until a policeman told me I needed a permit for that. Roy Grubbs

This is a 1956 MGA and is very close to the look of my very first car. I drove it the summer before our Senior year. Rosa and I used to go to the beach with our long surfboards sticking out. John had to sit behind the boards on the pasenger side. It was a long hot ride to the beach (especially for Rosa) but a lot of fun once we arrived. Jim Sumara




Here's to B&B (BROAD & BALD) Broad Woman and Bald Men, or is the other way around. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm??????? Doesn't really matter, we've made it this far.  - Helen Springer




Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different?” — C.S. Lewis



"In the end, you always go back to the people that were there in the beginning." Unknown



Never go to your high school reunion pregnant or they will think that is all you have done since you graduated. Erma Bombeck, Author


That's the fun of going to a high school reunion: it's seeing the people who you were close to all those years ago, and re-exploring the relationships of the past. Jon Hurwitz, Writer


Life seems to pass you by once you exit the young adolescent years. It can seem as if in an instance your 10th, 20th, and 40th high school reunions have come and gone. Participating in your 50th class reunion can not only be nostalgic but help to give you a look back to how far you’ve come. Brandon Gaille, Writer





No one is the same as they were in High School but it’s fun to see how much those who helped shape the person you are today have changed. Richard Gilbright, Writer


I am the type of guy that has always been the same all of my life. My classmates at our class reunion always say the same thing. They could not believe that, being a world artist, I still seem like I was when we were at school together. Percy Sledge, Singer


People say, 'Oh, Rick, he's crazy.' Well, I'm crazy, and I'm not crazy... When I went to my high school reunion, I was the only one there doing what he said he was going to do. How crazy is that? Rick Nielsen, Musician




DEAR ABBY: I saw the letter you printed from the 67-year-old woman who was concerned about going to her class reunion because she had been very promiscuous back in high school and had bedded about a third of the boys in her class. When I read the letter to my husband, he looked at me and said, "Did you write that letter?" Should I hit my husband on the head with my marble rolling pin or trash his golf clubs -- or both? -- HELEN IN TACOMA


Let's put it this way: there wouldn't be much point in me attending a high-school reunion now because there wouldn't be anybody there. We'd struggle to raise a quorum. Clint Eastwood, Actor


I was eating in a Chinese restaurant downtown. There was a dish called Mother and Child Reunion. It's chicken and eggs. And I said, I gotta use that one. Paul Simon, Musician

As far as I'm concerned, there won't be a Beatles reunion as long as John Lennon remains dead. George Harrison, Muscian


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