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11/23/18 06:30 AM #54    


Marie Ferry (Tucker)

Definitely!  Starting and ending my day with gratitude helps me stay happy. I have been blessed beyond measure. I have so much to be thankful for. Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving!🦃🍁🧡

11/23/18 11:17 AM #55    


Ellen Hensley (Garrett)

Great post Ted! The only way to start the day! So thankful.....;) 

11/24/18 11:48 AM #56    


James Von Dolteren

I've always tried to live my life by two simple rules. Rule#1 don't sweat the small stuff. Rule #2 everything 's small stuff. Works for me the majority of the time.

01/20/19 12:49 PM #57    


Stanley McLeod

I just got a nice call from Sandy Harkins who encouraged Kathy and I to attend the upcoming 50th reunion. I have it on our calendar and hope to attend. Sounds like fun. We are all blessed with long life so that we can continue to celebrate friends and relationships.

01/20/19 02:46 PM #58    


Marie Ferry (Tucker)

Stan, I hope you and Kathy can atten our 50th!  It’s going to be wonderful seeing so many of our long time friends. Many of us Have remained connected through get togethers, others throphne calls and I still write cards and letters. There are many others that I haven’t seen since graduation but still feel connected through our hearts!  Many of us look forward to seeing you!

02/06/19 11:08 PM #59    


Phil Smith

   Go Forrest Rebels and Go Gators

03/19/19 09:11 AM #60    


Robert Winstead

Hey everyone, I am hoping to be able to attend the reunion, although I have been away from Jacksonville for many years. Any of you all were in the marching and concert band, I'd like to reconnect. By the way, here is a more recent photo of me - quite a bit different from 1969!


04/29/19 04:29 PM #61    


Ted Porter

Jim, Jay & Reunion Committee. I just want to publicly thank you all for all the work you devoted toward our 50th Reunion. Jim’s Registration & Pre-Reunion Updates. Jay’s gift of DJing. Everyone else’s preps & behind-the-scenes work. 

My wife & I had a ball, seeing SO many people I hadn’t seen in 48-50 years, even after attending #20 and #40. 90% of us are probably retired by now, so most of us were SO relaxed at the various venues, enjoying meals, libations, dancing & great weather! (VERY impressed with your abilities to plan for that so well, btw!)

The 50th is & was a huge milestone Reunion for all of us. We miss those who have gone before us, but we savor some (but not all!) stories of our youth, families and career. Thanks again for making this possible.

Onward & upward. Ted Porter, Class of 69’


05/01/19 01:29 PM #62    


James Von Dolteren

I know it seems kinda petty, but weren't there some afro-americans I'm our class. Where are they these days. Saw no pics of them at the reunion. Not invited or lost track?

05/01/19 05:09 PM #63    


Nancy Grant (Martin)


Margo Roberts and her husband came on Friday night, but she had a friend in town and couldn’t attend the reunion Saturday. I took their picture, but haven’t been able to access this site yet. I did post them on my Facebook page. 


05/02/19 04:17 PM #64    


James Von Dolteren

Thank you for that info. I'm sorry I've missed the reunions. Just found all this about five years ago and haven't had the finances to make this one. Hopefully I'll be able to attend the next one. Most of the pics I saw showed a lot of you will still be around for the 75th lol. That's my plan anyway and the ones up until that one lol. Good to hear from you and again thank you for satisfying my curiosity.

05/02/19 04:20 PM #65    


Gary Bowers

Hi James,

The Reunion Committee attempted to contact each classmate.  Unfortunately, we were unable to locate many of them.  We even subscribed to an internet locator site with mixed results.  


05/03/19 02:56 PM #66    


James Von Dolteren

That's cool Gary. I was just curious. I've noticed quite a few of the people I knew seem to have vanished off the face of the earth lol. I really hated missing the last reunion, but this dinky town I'm living in is hard to get out of without a vehicle. I'm working on that so I have no excuse next time.

05/04/19 01:23 PM #67    


Ted Porter

So James. You’ve got a GREAT transportation venue in Murphy! Simply hop in your canoe/kayak, and float down the Nantahala or Hiwassee River to the TN River, onto the Ohio & Mississippi and should get to Jax Beach by next Reunion! :)

05/05/19 11:16 AM #68    


James Von Dolteren

Never thought of that, but I've only ever been canoeing once in my life lol. Been wanting to do it again ever since I moved here. I'll let you know how that goes lol.

05/28/19 11:36 AM #69    


Ted Porter

Great tribute to our honored fallen; ie Memorial Day. Thank you.

I’ll add one more lil’ tidbit on the credit for this day, as History is often established by the person(s) or victors who write our history. In addition to the noted 1868 as the first Memorial Day, Kingston, Ga (in Bartow County where we live, northwest of Atlanta) honored the Confederate fallen starting in 1864, as noted below. As well, Columbia, MS & Columbus, GA were also credited with establishing a similar Deliverance Day in 1865, honoring the fallen. As Paul Harvey would say ...and that’s the REST of the story!


07/15/19 06:32 PM #70    

Beth O'Toole (Lutz)

Today is Nathan Bedford Forrest Day in Tennesee. In the state legislature they are trying to do away with it.  Why can't we just  get rid of Martin Luther King Day, How about Black History month,Cinco DE Mayo?  Whos' history is legal and whos' history isn't? Heck let's just get rid of  history all together. Make me so angry that we offend them,but it's OK to offend me when they step on my rights. Down of the band wagon  now.

07/16/19 05:12 PM #71    

Doug Ledbetter

Perhaps you are unaware that the Forrest High School name was changed in 2014 for the same reasons... that battle is over.

07/17/19 09:01 AM #72    

Jay Hurst

Hey Beth. I am in complete agreement with your historical commitment and totally against the elite liberalism that is trying to transform my country into a twilight zone with their agenda. I posed these same questions you did to a person on one of my projects a few years ago. I presented my opinions in a respective and cordial manner and was immediately accosted by this person as a racist. If you don’t agree with their doctrine you are immediately labeled as something you are not. God has blessed the USA. Let’s all pray he continues to do so. Look back at how many centuries the Jews suffered when they worshipped idols and not him.

07/17/19 12:31 PM #73    


James Von Dolteren

Welcome to the One World Government.

07/18/19 03:08 PM #74    

Jay Hurst

I will not go quite into that night. Major resistance will be applied on my part and millions of others. “They” say that history repeats itself if you not lean from previous idiots actions. If we continue down the road towards a socialist dictatorship by the elites on either side of our 2 isle government it could lead to the 2nd Civil War. The choice is still in the hands of informed voters. Vote for our constitutional republic.

06/11/20 12:46 PM #75    

Jay Hurst

We are all "Dust in the Wind". Steve Davis passing must be a swift kick in the butt to jolt us into living each and every day to the absolute fullest. No sitting on the couch or playing video games or complaining your hip or knee hursts. Go For It! This is not a dress rehearsal and tomorrow is never promised. Hug and kiss your spouse, your parents,  if you are blessed to still have them, your kids, your dearest friends. Get my drift? Happy Trails to all of you who view this message. God Bless, Jay

02/14/21 08:26 PM #76    


Ellen Hensley (Garrett)

Happiest of Valentine’s Day to each of you❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️

02/14/21 08:27 PM #77    


Ellen Hensley (Garrett)

Happiest of Valentine's to each of you❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️

03/16/21 03:16 PM #78    


John Chapman

Hi everyone, Does anybody have any info. on the get together we were going to have in April 2021. Thanks in advance hope everyone is doing well in all this crazyness.


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