Charlesy Jo Carlton Davis

Profile Updated: February 13, 2016
Where do you live now? Coolidge, GA USA
Married? Divorced? Widowed? Life-mated?
To whom and how long? Or are you still single and lovin'it?
Homepage or email address:
Any Pets? golden lab, two cats
Any kids? Tell us about them. I have two sons, aged 29 and 32. One is in ministry and education; the other is in computer information More…services.
What makes you laugh?

I love photos of children and animals acting silly or having fun. I love situation comedies like Seinfeld and Boston Legal. I love people who don't take themselves so seriously and can laugh at themselves.

Still have family around?

I live near my brothers, mother and sister as well as our children and one grandchild "light of my life"

What did you do right after high school?

I went to Florida Junior College and then Florida State for degree in /English Education. I married my current husband immediately after graduation from college. Two years ago I retired as a librarian/teacher in Georgia. Now I pretty much go whatever I want...if I can afford it, Ha! Ha!

Do you still talk to/see/hang out with any classmates? Who?

Haven't seen anyone since 1969.

What past jobs have you had and which ones have you enjoyed the most?

I loved teaching high school English.

What do you do now?

Sleep until I wake up; complete a few chores each day; enjoy my hobbies; enjoy my freedom from work!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I enjoy nature photography and gardening. I love all kinds of music, particularly if live music. And of course, I enjoy supporting my Seminoles. I would like to travel more...overseas and here.

Any grandkids? How many?

I have one grandson.

Travel much? Where have you been?

I have briefly traveled out West, in Canada and up the east Coast. I have traveled in England; lovely country and people.

Where is your favorite place to go?

My favorite places to go are the Smokey Mountains and St. George Island.

What are your top 10 places to visit if you could, or if you have?

Alaska; Australia; Athens, Greece; Rome, Italy; Rhine Valley, Germany; Paris, France; South Africa; Switzerland; Ireland; Scotland

How old do you feel? How young do you feel?

I feel younger than I am; my head is still younger than my body. Ha!

What would we be surprised to know about you?

I am no longer shy.

What are your favorite memories of Forrest High School?

Choir and Drama, Pep rallies and football games

Favorite Drink?

Pina colada

Favorite music? What is the last CD or download you purchased?

Il Divo, don't knock them till you've heard them. Beautiful voices, harmony, instrumentals

Love country music.

Famous or interesting people you have met?

Charlie Ward, Jr. went to the high school where I taught. His dad also taught there.

Any words of wisdom or quotes to inspire?

Don't sweat the small things, and they are all small things. Carpe diem.

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Happy birthday, Charlesy and many happy returns.

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From one Georgia boy to a new Georgia girl, Happy Birthday and many happy returns.

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