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11/30/13 10:07 AM #11    


Karen Fleming (LeMore)

Sending early Christmas wishes to my classmates!  And, thought I would just check to see if the Reunion Committee is already making plans for our 45th Reunion.  I so hope that we can have another great turnout!

02/27/14 03:05 PM #12    


Nancy Grant (Martin)

I recieved the news about our 45th reunion! It will be June 20th-22nd, 2014 at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville. Cost is 60$ per person for the dinner, if you pay before April 15. Pay to Juanita DeLoach Fletcher. Questions? Call Ron Moody (904) 296-3000.

05/08/14 02:23 PM #13    


Nancy Grant (Martin)

Hi everyone!

Just received a notice from the reunion contact that we are short about 35 classmates to make our quota. It sure would be a shame to have to cancel our 45th, so please send in your payment or reservation ASAP!  If you already have, please contact the classmates you have info for, and ask them to come. It will be a great time, and 60$ is very inexpensive! We also have some "extra" activities planned for those who pay in advance! 



05/24/14 02:13 PM #14    


Karen Fleming (LeMore)

It's with a sad heart that I share the news that Nancy Stevens Vilardo, one of our classmates (who was also a childhood friend and neighbor of mine), passed away on May 18th.  She and I had just reconnected last fall and were making plans to attend our 45th Reunion together.  Rest in peace, my friend!            



05/25/14 09:07 AM #15    

Sandi Harkins

We've lost many friends in the past few years.  This is probably a great time to celebrate them and celebrate each other.  This has also been a tough time for our school heritage.  Let's come together for the 45th reunion and show this town the "CLASS OF '69" is still hanging tough.

The reunion will not be cancelled!   We will party with pride just like we alway have.


06/07/14 05:11 PM #16    


Nancy Grant (Martin)

I would like to invite all Forrest alumni to a pre-reunion get-together at the VFW on the Thursday before our 45th. (June 19th)  We are serving pizza and salad ( large all the way for 12$, half for 6$) ...plenty of room for socializing, and drinks are CHEEEEP!  You needn't be a member, we will sign you in. There will also be karaoke by a friend of ours. Tom and I will be cooking pizza from 5:30 to 7:30....all proceeds to the veterans. Please attend, even if you can't attend the reunion. We would love to see you!

06/08/14 09:16 PM #17    


Maureen McElroy (Plato)

Great idea Nancy. I am in. U will send out a reminder right....HA! I don't member like I use 2.

06/08/14 09:18 PM #18    


Maureen McElroy (Plato)

How r we doin on the required quota?

06/09/14 06:59 AM #19    

Sandi Harkins

Great idea Nancy.  Hope lots of classmates make it Thursday night! 

We are good on the quota.  Everything is on track for a great reunion.  Party on!

06/09/14 02:09 PM #20    

Elaine Kulbe (Schneider)

Can I come with you Maureen?

11/10/15 08:20 PM #21    


James Brown

Happy Thanksgiving 2015 to everyone! just thought I's send a video of some birdhouses I built... isn't it amazing how fast the time is escaping us....and Happy Veteran's Day to all our vets!!!!


04/22/16 02:09 PM #22    


John Chapman

Are we going to have a 65th birthday party for every one this year? I miss seeing every one, can"t wait till the next reunion. The reason for the inquiry is i am going to Alaska in June and Montana in Sept. and I don"t want to miss anything.

04/24/16 01:57 AM #23    


Roy Grubbs

I will be down there the end of May, then back to Idaho. It would be nice to see old faces.

04/24/16 10:57 PM #24    


Nancy Grant (Martin)

That you would see, for sure! OOOOOLD faces! Lol! 

04/25/16 11:32 AM #25    

Jay Hurst

Oh my goodness. Bless our pea pickin' hearts. That 5 years went by in a flash. Pray all are well and look forward to see everyone again. Happy trails to you until we meet again. Jay and Nancy Hurst

04/25/16 10:36 PM #26    


Maureen McElroy (Plato)

There is a N B Forrest Crew Cruise planned for any & all. June 9-13 out of Jax Port.  We have a travel agent taking care of the details. Please let me know if you are interested.‚Äč

You may have to copy & paste this link. 

04/26/16 08:14 AM #27    


John Vogt (Rosset)

Marueen - the Facebook link you posted returns a "Sorry, this page isn't available" error when I try to open it.

04/26/16 02:21 PM #28    

Jay Hurst

Man oh man. I have lost my mind. Someone mentions reunion and I just say yes. Wishful thinking.  And to think, math was one of my best subjects. Lord help me. Miss all of you. Jay

07/03/17 09:12 PM #29    


James Brown

Hope everyone has a happy Independence Day 2017....stay safe my friends....


11/23/17 08:06 PM #30    


James Brown

Happy Thanksgivivg to one and all...2017

11/23/17 08:11 PM #31    


James Brown


Here I am....haahahaha!

12/25/17 11:35 AM #32    


James Brown

Merry Christmas to all 2017....


12/26/17 07:53 AM #33    


Maureen McElroy (Plato)

Merry Christmas to you too. Happy 2018 New Year as well.

12/27/17 09:32 AM #34    


Marie Ferry (Tucker)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my fellow Rebels.


12/27/17 12:55 PM #35    

Ron Shaw

Merry Christmas to all of my classmates and Happy New year hope to see all of you in '19 at our 50th reunion take care and be safe in the new year.

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