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12/27/17 01:00 PM #36    

Ron Shaw

Sadly we lost another classmate in 2015, Steve Kozak died of prostate cancer in May in Missouri

12/28/17 12:27 PM #37    


James Von Dolteren

Happy New Year to all you Rebels.

12/28/17 09:34 PM #38    

Elaine Kulbe (Schneider)

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!  Happy New Year!  Hope to see everyone in 2019 for our next reunion!

01/05/18 03:23 PM #39    


James Brown

I'm sad to report the passing of my childhood friend and fellow Rebel Thomas Cornelison.  He passed on September 13, 2017. You may remember his contribution to the Rebel Yell... 

01/07/18 02:54 AM #40    


Nancy Grant (Martin)

I was very sorry to hear about Tommy Cornelison passing. I enjoyed talking to him at reunions. I am not sure if the class was notified about the passing of my close friend Jeanne LePage Holmes in June of 2017. She had lung cancer which had spread to her brain. 

01/07/18 08:12 AM #41    


Maureen McElroy (Plato)

Nancy I am so sorry to hear about Jeanne. I had not heard. I know you two have been through a lot together. Thank you for sharing.

01/07/18 02:56 PM #42    

Ted Porter

01/08/18 01:43 PM #43    


Nancy Grant (Martin)

04/16/18 03:00 PM #44    


Randy Van Note

Hello, all!  Sad to hear of the passings on these latest messages.

Are there any plans in the works for our 50th reunion next year?  Looking forward to attending!

Randy Van Note



06/23/18 05:15 PM #45    


Karen Fleming (LeMore)

Just wondering...will there soon be a category for our 50th Class Reunion on this site? Hoping that there can be some hints posted, ie Save the Date, etc!

06/24/18 11:57 PM #46    


Maureen McElroy (Plato)

50th Reunion YES Sandi Harkins Joy mentioned the early planning stages are in process. I will ask her to post updates here.

07/18/18 09:11 AM #47    

Sandra Hinson (Valdes)


Hey I just saw that the reunion is being held at the Hampton Inn and that we are going to Sneakers on Saturday.. I am a little surprised as this is a pretty seedy part of Jax Beach not really safe at night for anyone especially a group of all people.. Just wondering why this particular place was chosen. Ocean one would be a better option as there are lots of restaurants and things to do.

Sandy Valdes

07/18/18 06:33 PM #48    


Nancy Grant (Martin)

I understand that the Oceans 1 wanted 13,000$ in advance. I don't think we have had enough participation in the past to warrant that kind of expense....

07/19/18 09:23 AM #49    

Sandra Hinson (Valdes)

 I agree Nancy that is a lot of money. I just think there’s got to be a better place than that end of Jacksonville Beach. I’ve lived at the beach for over 40 years and that area is just not a good place to be on the weekends. Hope all is well with you, I was sad to hear about Jeanne LePage.

07/19/18 04:14 PM #50    


Nancy Grant (Martin)


Thank you, has been almost a year, and I think about her every day.  I had heard that that area of the beach (Jax beach) was kind of sketchy, now. What areas are safest, ( if any can be considered that)? The committee had called a lot of places, and says a lot of them are already booked. 



07/22/18 02:07 PM #51    

Sandra Hinson (Valdes)

 Hi Nancy,  is there a reason we are not going back to the Marriott Sawgrass? Saint Augustine is a great area also Saint Simons Island. It’s our 50th and I was just expecting something a little more than the normal class reunion. Doesn’t matter to me I’ll go in a matter what but that area is not safe and Smeakrs can get a little loud and rowdy. I plan to go to matter where it is

07/23/18 10:45 AM #52    


Karen Fleming (LeMore)

Just a suggestion to the Reunion Committee:  I have seen on the Forrest Friends Facebook Group page that recent Forrest Class reunions have been held at the Timuquana Country Club and at the World Golf Village.  These locations may have already been checked out. However, if not, I was just thinking that a non-Beach location might not be booked and could be more reasonably priced, i.e. not requiring the huge deposit.

11/22/18 10:59 AM #53    

Ted Porter

11/23/18 06:30 AM #54    


Marie Ferry (Tucker)

Definitely!  Starting and ending my day with gratitude helps me stay happy. I have been blessed beyond measure. I have so much to be thankful for. Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving!๐Ÿฆƒ๐Ÿ๐Ÿงก

11/23/18 11:17 AM #55    

Ellen Hensley (Garrett)

Great post Ted! The only way to start the day! So thankful.....;) 

11/24/18 11:48 AM #56    


James Von Dolteren

I've always tried to live my life by two simple rules. Rule#1 don't sweat the small stuff. Rule #2 everything 's small stuff. Works for me the majority of the time.

01/20/19 12:49 PM #57    


Stanley McLeod

I just got a nice call from Sandy Harkins who encouraged Kathy and I to attend the upcoming 50th reunion. I have it on our calendar and hope to attend. Sounds like fun. We are all blessed with long life so that we can continue to celebrate friends and relationships.

01/20/19 02:46 PM #58    


Marie Ferry (Tucker)

Stan, I hope you and Kathy can atten our 50th!  It’s going to be wonderful seeing so many of our long time friends. Many of us Have remained connected through get togethers, others throphne calls and I still write cards and letters. There are many others that I haven’t seen since graduation but still feel connected through our hearts!  Many of us look forward to seeing you!

02/06/19 11:08 PM #59    


Phil Smith

   Go Forrest Rebels and Go Gators

03/19/19 09:11 AM #60    


Robert Winstead

Hey everyone, I am hoping to be able to attend the reunion, although I have been away from Jacksonville for many years. Any of you all were in the marching and concert band, I'd like to reconnect. By the way, here is a more recent photo of me - quite a bit different from 1969!


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