Other Things To Do

Other Things to Do in and Around Jacksonville
1. Kayaking on Amelia Island
Amelia Island Kayak Excursions is a family owned /operated business located in beautiful Fernandina Beach, FL. Located on Big Talbot Island. Take a tour or head out on your own and have an exclusive look into some of Florida’s most beautiful locations.
Phone: (904) 557-5307
2. Sightseeing/Shopping - Historic Downtown Fernandina Beach
Fernandina Beach, Florida, with its historic architecture, laid-back pace, and Southern hospitality is a reminder of a bygone era. Known for its shopping, restaurants and bars
3. Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens
Escape to the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens for the only walking safari in Northeast Florida. Discover the earth’s wildlife through interactive and educational experiences. A true family adventure, the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is growing and changing daily and is dedicated to consistently improving. Beginning in 2004 with Range of the Jaguar and continuing with Giraffe Overlook and Savanna Blooms garden, the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is quickly becoming a world-class establishment. The Zoo has something for everyone with more than 2,000 rare and exotic animals and 1,000 varieties of plants. Whether you are a visitor to Florida’s First Coast or a lifetime resident, we invite you to experience the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens through interactions with people, wildlife and the environment.
Phone: (904) 757-4463
Opened: May 12, 1914
Number of animals: 2,400
4. Historic - Kingsley Plantation Tour
Located on Ft. George Island - Take the ferry to the North. During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, many people came to Florida. Some, like Zephaniah Kingsley, sought to make their fortunes by obtaining land and establishing plantations. Others were forced to come to Florida to work on those plantations, their labor providing wealth to the people who owned them. Some of the enslaved would later become free landowners, struggling to keep their footing in a dangerous time of shifting alliances and politics. All of these people played a part in the history of Kingsley Plantation.
Phone: (904) 251-3537
Established: 1991
Area: 2,613,600 sq feet

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